Jannat-ul-Baqyeh, Madina Munawara

History of the Cemetery of Jannat Al-Baqi

Jannat ul Baqyeh, Madina, Hijazz (Saudi Arabia) is the piece of land adjacent to Masjid Nabvi where Queen Lady Bibi Fatima Zehra (SA), Imam Hasan Ibn Ali (2nd Imam), Imam Ali Ibn Al-Husayn (4th imam), Imam Muhammad Ibn Ali (5th imam), & Imam Ja’far Ibn Muhammad (6th imam), peace be upon them, are buried.

Prophet son Hazrat Abdullah, almost all the Umahat-ul-Momineen (two are resting in Makkah), other Family members of Prophets like Aqeel and Jafar ibne Abi-Talib and Lady Fatima Binte Asad, Aunts Atika and Safia SA, Sohada Ohadd and Sohada Hurra, large number of Sahaba Kibar of prophet are sleeping here. The Qubors, Katbas, shades on the graves were over there till 1925, that have been demolished by bombardment and still in siege.


In the same year (1925), Saudi also demolished the tombs of holy personages at Jannat al-Mualla (Makkah) where the Holy Prophet (s)’s mother, wife, grandfather and other ancestors are buried.

Destruction of sacred sites in Hijaz by the Saudi Wahhabis continues even today.

Video History



Roza Masoomen before Demolition


Demolished Roza Bibi Fatima SA,  four Imamen Masoomen and
Abbas bin Abdul Mutalib under siege (taken in Hajj 2016)