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Janat ul Baqyeh Memorial, Karachi

In Karachi Pakistan Sabih Janat ul Baqyeh Quba and attached Karbala Bagh Graveyard was launched by Syed Musayab Ali Zaidi (a well known personality of Karachi and Pakistan shia of that time) in early 70s. He and his team initiated work with the name of Anjuman Rah E Nijat, created idea of a modern graveyard and Implemented well for shia community. It was a new thinking to plan graveyard in orderly manner. The foundation stone was laid by Molana Aqaye Abul Hasan Hafizyan (well known spiritual leader) and further the dust of Bibi Fatina SA grave obtained from Madina Munawara KSA was placed by Syed Mehdi ul Hakeem Tabatabai s/o Ayatullah Mohsin ul Hakeem Tabatabai when he was on his exile visit to Karachi in 1970 after empowerment of Sadam Hussain.

At present the Graveyard phase I is almost full at its plan capacity. Now extension Project is started at extended land and open for burial.

Most of Graves now need urgent attention and repair. Our loved ones are waiting, otherwise we will unable to identify them. A number of katbas are unreadable and qabars (graves) are broken.